WARNING: This version of the API is deprecated and left for backward compatibility, so it will not receive updates, only critical bugs are fixed. Please migrate to version i1.

login and key and authentication

All API methods require that public API key and/or private API key be supplied as query arguments. You can find your keys on the API page of the JotURL back office.

Check the authentication type of each API method, login means you need only the public API key, key means that you have to provide both public API key and private API key; furthermore, you have to use HTTPS when calling methods with key authentication.

API requests may be made to http://api.joturl.com/ or https://api.joturl.com/.
The use of the http:// scheme is deprecated for security reasons.
The https:// scheme is mandatory for all API methods that require the private key.



NOTE: replace {PUBLIC_KEY} with your public API key and {PRIVATE_KEY} with your private API key as reported on the API page of the JotURL back office.