WARNING: This version of the API is deprecated and left for backward compatibility, so it will not receive updates, only critical bugs are fixed. Please migrate to version i1.

Rate limits for login and key authentication

The usage of the JotURL API is subject to rate limits. The limits are based on a moving window that tracks the number of requests you send per minute or per hour (primary rate limits). However, the number of requests must not overcome the per-day limits (secondary rate limits). The above limits change according to your contract. You can see your rate limits on the API key page.

Although there are these limits, default limits are more than sufficient for common usages.

What happens when one of the rate limit is exceeded

If one of the rate limit is exceeded, the API call fails and returns a 403 status code, with a LIMIT EXCEEDED status text (see Input/Output formats for more details).

If you are sending requests too quickly, make sure that the rate parameter (always expressed in requests per second) in the response status is lower than the above limits: the system could block your requests for a time that is proportional to the speed with which you are sending requests and finally could block permanently any further request.

High-volume users

If you need to overcome API rate limits, please contact us at supportjoturl.com.